We have already acquired a banking license, and are currently in the process of developing our banking system. The purpose of KRONN Bank is to simplify the life of our users even further. Unlike usual banks, opening an account with us only takes a few minutes and can be done anywhere in the world. We don’t believe in branches. That is why you can check your eligibility online and receive your ready-to-use KRONN debit card shortly after! Your card can then conveniently be used for your everyday purchases. Besides allowing you to store multiple fiat currencies in your account, we also allow you to store tokens. By selecting the means of payment through our app, you can purchase anything using not only fiat, but also cryptocurrency for the first time! With the banking system our money transfer service will be refined to a single click of a button. There will be no need for going to the exchange and buying the token, as all of these operations will be seamlessly integrated in our banking app. You will be able to send and receive any amount of money to anyone abroad instantly and at the touch of a button. KRONN Bank will introduce a level of convenience with cryptos that has never been seen before. You will be able to deposit, spend, and borrow cryptocurrencies, or receive interest by keeping them dormant. Furthermore, crypto assets can be transferred to other KRONN users instantly and for free. After KRONN Bank is fully operational we aim to add additional features that will make our banking app a handy financial tool for you. Things like budget planners, savings accounts, perks and benefits.