Banks have been the trusted financial middlemen throughout history. They offer a secure place for our money and relatively easy access to it. However, this comes as a cost, mainly bank fees and slow transaction times. Elimination of this middleman was the driving force for the creation of cryptocurrency. Complex algorithms combined with cryptography and a public ledger meant that banks were no longer needed to verify transactions. Yet blockchain solutions are far from perfect enough to function on a global scale. Transactions require a process called mining, where computers compete to solve complex equations for the reward of newly minted currency. But as the transaction ledger grows, this process becomes increasingly slow, inefficient, and expensive.

On the contrary, our coin utilizes an advanced technology called the Block Lattice Architecture, which works without the mining process. This results in transactions of any size being processed instantly and with no fees. There’s no limit to how many transactions can occur simultaneously. Furthermore, this architecture can process over 1000x more transactions per second than Bitcoin, so you'll never get stuck in a queue. Nano, on which our main net is forked, will allow us to make our international money transfer service almost instantaneous and for completely free. We believe that convenience of this ecosystem will help bring digital currency to the masses.

Other than being used to pay cheaper exchange and trading fees, our unique coin can be used to invest in the KronnNet. Every month, all fees paid to us are redistributed to coin holders proportionally to the percentage of the token-base dormant in their wallet.