Exchange Investment

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KRONNKRONN Coin is a utility token. Utility tokens are coins that provide access to a product or service. There is a common misconception in the crypto community that as markets mature and adoption grows, utility tokens will be priced based on their “utility” alone rather than their speculative value. The story continues as, utility tokens are doomed to low market caps and poor returns relative to their counterparts, i.e. «store of value» coins like Bitcoin. While we have great respect for the members of the community, and while also we believe that the argument may be true for some utility tokens, we have devised a value growth mechanism that will benefit our investors. Our trading platform will charge every instance of an exchange with a 10% fee. This fee is twice as cheap if you use KRONN Coin as a fee payment method instead. These transaction fees are distributed amongst KRONN token holders proportional to the number of coins in possession and time spent dormant in your wallet. Exchange fees in other currencies are converted to KRONN for distribution by a trading bot to ensure maximum profits. Distribution is done in Kronn Coins ensuring that the distribution of shares is fair, and the information on the ledger hasn’t been tampered with. As for the transaction volume, take our partner the Huobi exchange as an example. The daily transaction volume for Huobi is around $300 million. If we have a look at the largest crypto trading platform, the Binance exchange, there is $760 million worth of daily trades. We aim to achieve the highest transaction volume by carefully selecting the most popular tokens and by providing an outstanding service for traders. This makes KRONN Coin an investment opportunity worth considering.