Exchange solution

“KRONN, the cryptocurrency designed and optimized for international transfer”

  • KRONN has realized the innovation in transfer speed using the nano-blockchain technology to maintain the transfer speed close to real-time, which has been an old problem for cryptocurrencies.

  • KRONN has accomplished satisfactory achievements in stable transfer platform and security solution, which may be more important than real-time transfer.

  • KRONN Main-Net has been developed to directly exchange, transfer and use KRONN in real currencies through synchronization between the blockchain-based KRONN and banking systems.

  • “KRONN only for KRONN – Fiat direct real-time exchange system”

  • KRONN owners in the world send KRONN Coin to KRONN Net, directly exchange it into Fiat through KRONN App at real-time, and deposit it to any desired bank account anywhere in the world (real-time foreign-currency transfer available, and 15% cheaper transfer and exchange fees than banks. After the launch of KRONN Main-Net).

  • KRONN coin owners in the world send KRONN Coin to KRONN Net through KRONN App, and the sent KRONN coin will be exchanged to Fiat at real time and deposited into the card of the KRONN Card owners in the world (Real-time deposit available, 15% cheaper transfer and exchange fees than cryptocurrency exchanges. After the launch of KRONN App)

  • “KRONN designed for more convenience than cash in daily life”

    1. An owner of KRONN Coin sends coin to KRONN Net
    2. Coin is exchanged to real currency on KRONN Net and sent to KRONN Card owned by a person
    3. All processes are recorded and checked at real-time through KRONN APP on smartphone
    4. Real currency deposited to KRONN Card can be withdrawn from ATM or used as credit card
    5. Record and check ATM withdrawals and card usage through KRONN APP