A Crypto-Broker You Can Rely On

Today’s biggest concern for crypto traders is liquidity. It is such a pressing problem that large orders are only performed through centralized trading platforms; often for higher fees. Other than offering trades and hosting trading, our ability to keep reserves to draw from when trading volume plummets will determine our success. To address this, we propose to you a resourceful trading platform executing peer-to-peer transactions when the asked quantity of a given pair of cryptocurrencies is available and supplying the coins needed from our end in the event of a shortage. In order to make our system performance robust, we created the Kronn Coin, which is free and offers instant processing; making it ideal for trading. With declared exchange bureaus all over the world, transaction delays are not a concern. Unlike other exchanges, we will list as many crypto pairs as our community needs, while guaranteeing price uniformity with the major exchanges.

Built-in Exchange Service:

Most current crypto trading platforms, allow users to transfer money into an exchange, but there are no easy ways to quickly convert their tokens to fiat and withdraw the money. On the other hand, our ecosystem has a built-in cash in/cash out functionality to allow users to instantly buy or sell their crypto at real-time market rates. To allow for this, we seamlessly integrated our global network of crypto-to-fiat/fiat-to-crypto exchanges with the trading platform. The exchange options are available within our trading platform in a dedicated section, and you will be able to convert any cryptocurrency listed on the KRONN exchange to a wide range of fiat currencies. The funds will be transferred at domestic speeds, where possible, and deposited directly to your bank account or your credit card. It has never been possible to withdraw funds from crypto trading platforms with such ease before, and we believe that this will add to the universal adoption of cryptocurrency.

Storing Your Assets:

$1.7 billion worth of crypto was lost due to hacker attacks between 2011 and 2018. Our research has shown that, despite this striking trend, most of the users of crypto exchanges are still willing to take the risk and keep their funds at the exchanges. We cannot risk the valuable funds of our customers and continue to accept the wilful negligence shown by so many in the sector. Hence, we built our exchange from the ground up with security at the front and centre of every decision we have made. One of such decisions is 100% cold wallet storage. This means that all funds are kept offline, leaving

no chance for villains to pilfer what rightfully belongs to our customers. We’re one of the few crypto exchanges, if not the only one, to take this approach. All of our withdrawals are processed manually. We appreciate that there are times when you want to quickly access your tokens, which is why we have a dedicated withdrawals team working 24/7 for you. Waiting times are frustrating and we wholeheartedly acknowledge the shortfalls of our approach, however we don’t want to end up the next victim to hackers as our customers will be the ones most affected.

Crowd Coin Listing:

It is absolutely essential to list the right cryptocurrencies at the exchange. In particular, we seek to list coins that our customers will be willing to trade, and hence we search for coins with higher transaction volumes, which will benefit all of the KRONN community. To accomplish this, we will work closely with our users, through community polls, to select coins that our clients are interested in and that are unique and innovative. Furthermore, we may add other coins based on the performance of said crypto historically on other platforms, in combination with qualitative and quantitative project investigations.